Information security

We are one of the leading professionals of Information Security in Finland and have experience since 1988 in all fields of Information Security.

We can check your company for security issues remotely without you needing to give us any access. We do require a NDA agreement to do so. We will check your firewall and network as well as all the devices connect to your network. We will then give you a report with all the problems found and you can fix it yourself or ask us to do it.

We can also find exact details of any hackers if you suspect you have been hacked. We can do this very quickly and send you a detailed report which you can take up with the authorities.

We also offer excellent backup systems on Linux based servers and optionally to the cloud. We can also make your internal backups more secure.

We can also restore your files from hard disks and USB memory sticks, even if broken in most cases.

  • External security check: 880,00€
  • Internal security check: 1040,00€ + travel
  • Sniffer rental (for 5 business days) 180,00€
  • Security fixes or work by agreement only
  • Travel fees: 3,90€/km + 3,00€/min

Prices include VAT 24%