Datapaja Lauttasaari

Digitizing everything - fixing everything

In Lauttasaari since 2005

Here at Datapaja you will find all the computer services that you need in one place. With several years of experience we will fix, service and digitize everything. Use the menu to see more information.


Computer services at your home and office.

Datagurut has been servicing people and companies in Lauttasaari and nearby areas  since 2005.


We also offer digitization services!


Video surveilance, alarms and other surveilance systems for your home, office, cottage and boat.

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Information Security services for companies all over Finland.

We work closely together with the  authorities.


Computer services remotely to your home or office and abroad as well.

We can fix almost any problem remotely as long as you have a working internet connection.

We can help you remotely even if you are on a business trip or holiday outside of Finland.


ID Card printing

ID card printing now available. With RFID or without.

Price: 19,00€ each. We also offer designing and large order discounts.

Business hours

Weekdays 13-17.
We are often out of the office,
so check with us before coming
that we are at the office.

Also at other times if needed.


Our office is located at

Pajalahdentie 9
00200 Helsinki

Accessible with wheelchairs too.

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About Datapaja

Datapaja is a portal to several computer related services at the same address. Datapaja is located in Lauttasaari, Helsinki (map) at Pajalahdentie 9.

Wheelchair accessible entrance and two parking spots in the yard are usually available (4 hour free parking)

We are all vaccinated for COVID-19 at least three times and we always wear a facemask when clients are present.


11.8.2022: All services will be transferred to ITGURU as of 10.12.2022
26.5.2022: ID Card printing now available.